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Incident and Accident Training in Reading

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Finding the root cause of accidents and incidents can be fairly drawn out process, it is important to find these root causes as without finding them you won’t be able to correct them and accidents and incidents will continue to happen. Our Accident and Incident Investigation cause can train you and give you the knowledge that will allow you to find these problems and give you the skills to deal with them.

Our Accident and Incident Investigation course is designed to train managers and supervisors who have reasonability for ensuring the safety of their employees. If you are in charge of anyone, then that is you as if you are in charge of someone your responsibilities don’t just stop at making sure they do their jobs correctly, you also have to be sure they can do their job safely.

Our course outlines the causes of accidents; how to prevent re-occurrence and it will give you the knowledge to help you find the root cause of the accident/incident.

The content of this course includes; Information and insights gained from an investigation, Legal reasons for investigating, Benefits arising from an investigation, who should carry out the investigation and when? Which events should be investigated? What makes a good investigation?

Techniques for analysing adverse events. This is all achieved by the following 4 steps; emergency response, analysing the information, identifying suitable risk control measures and the action plan and its implementation.

IOSH Training Courses in Reading and Berkshire

This course is based at our location in Reading, for more information regarding our Accident and Incident Investigation course; feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.