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There isn’t many people who don’t know the damage that fire can cause, in the past fires have wiped out cities and towns and causes serious damage to anything in its path. About half of workplace fires are caused deliberately and the other half is caused by such things as careless smokers, electrical faults, the misuse of tools which use naked flames and other things. The triangle of fire is a source of ignition, oxygen and fuel.

Under fire safety legislation is it up to the ‘responsible person’ to do fire risk assessments. It is also their responsibility to take steps to reduce and/ or remove risks. This law has been put into place to protect you, your business and your staff, what would happen if your business caught fire? How would your life change?

We can conduct a fire risk assessment for you and your premises as required by the regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. When we do this risk assessment we will identify the hazards that may cause and/or contribute to a fire. We will then advise you on how to remove these hazards or work with them more safely. We can also identify any training you and your staff may need to equip everyone with the training and knowledge they need to deal with fire and fire evacuations.

As of October 2006 businesses no longer need a fire certificate however inspections will continue and the evidence of risk assessments are required. The responsible person is the person who owns or controls the business. This is also the person who owns the property, if that person is different to the person who runs the company.

IOSH Training Courses in Reading and Berkshire

For more information regarding our fire risk assessments, feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.