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Appointed Person for First Aid Training in Reading

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Current legislation dictates that every business, regardless of product or sector, must have a person or persons trained in first aid in the workplace. This person will be the first port of call when any accidents or incidents take place, it is important when you are selecting this person that they will be able to handle the pressure of the situations they may need to face in this role.

Our 1 day First Aid course is designed for any business in any sector, on the course the person or persons will gain a thorough grasp of first aid skills and also the confidence to deal with any first aid situations that may arise in their workplace. Hopefully this will only involve sticking a few plasters on to people but if an emergency happens then your appointed first aider will be able to help until the emergency services arrive thanks to our First Aid course.

What you will learn on this course is as follows; Basic CPR, How to Control an Incident, How to Deal With the Emergency Services, Individual and Team Incident Handling, Dealing with Bleeding, Breaks, Burns, Fractures, Concussion, Epilepsy and More, Responsibilities of a First Aiders, Defibrillation.

IOSH Training Courses in Reading and Berkshire

Private courses can be arranged at your site for up to 12 people otherwise this course will be held at our location in Reading, for more information regarding our First Aid course, feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.