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Food Safety Courses in Reading

Working Safely in Reading and Berkshire

Food safety is an obligation which all food handlers and their employers must follow; they have a duty to manage food safety to ensure the food they are cooking, preparing, serving or selling is safe for human consumption. These obligations are set out by a number of EU and UK laws.

Failing to comply with the these laws and meet the obligations put in place can result in fatal consequences for anyone consuming food prepared on your site, you have the duty as an employer to make sure that all of your staff are aware of these laws and obligations and that they are put in to practise daily.

Our online system is a perfect way to train your staff in food safety, because these course are done online they can be done anywhere at any time so your staff can complete them at home before they start working for you to ensure they are ready to work within the laws for you.

Our online food safety courses include; Level 1 Basic Food Safety Catering, Level 2 Basic Food Safety Catering, Level 1 Basic Food Safety Manufacturing, Level 2 Basic Food Safety Manufacturing, Level 1 Basic Food Safety Retail and Level 2 Basic Food Safety Retail. These course will provide your staff the information they need to know under the laws, they give them an awareness of the dangers of poor food safety standards and also cover how food safety risks arise and how to prevent them.

IOSH Training Courses in Reading and Berkshire

For more information regarding our online food safety course or if you own a business and require 5 or more licenses feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to provide the answers to your questions.