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Health Safety and Environment

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Health Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Our IOSH courses include aspects of The Health, Safety and Environment test which ensures that workers have the necessary knowledge. It confirms that workers meet the minimum level of health and safety before going on site. It’s important for everyone who works in construction.

The Health, Safety and Environment test will help you to develop your knowledge. It’s a great option for employers to give to their employees. Employees should be aware of health and safety regulations at all times. It makes use of case studies and multiple choice questions to test candidates.

It tests your knowledge on how to behave onsite, so that you and your team can stay safe.

Different professions will have their own test so make sure you register for the right one. You may need to complete the test to obtain your card. If this is the case, confirm that you are applying for the right type of test, according to your scheme.

Course Structure

The test will consist of four different tests:

  • Operative Test
  • Labourer Test
  • Specialist Test
  • Managers and Professionals Test

The Operative Test consists of health and welfare topics, as well as general safety. The Labourer Test consists of case studies. The Specialist Test consists of subjects like plumbing, demolition and tunnelling. The Managers and Professionals test consists of construction regulations and more.

The course is for principle contractors and contractors. To take part in this course you should speak and understand English. It’s an interactive course with discussions in the classrooms, as well as case studies.

For information about Health, Safety and Environment, please phone 01189 541 700.