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Health Safety and Environment Training

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Health Safety and Environment Training

Health, Safety & Environment Training Courses

Health, Safety and Environment courses are perfect for people involved in construction. It makes you aware of health and safety risks, as well as the latest requirements. Courses are available for designers, clients and contractors.

When it comes to health and safety, it’s important to know what the requirements for a project are. The Construction Design and Management (CEM) Regulations 2015 have specific requirements. That’s why you should consider taking one of our courses. You will educate yourself and your construction team.

At IOSH Training Courses we offer a selection of courses specifically for construction personnel. This can include contractors, clients and designers. IOSH Managing Safely will educate directors and supervisors on their responsibility in terms of health and safety. This is a great course for company directors who need to ensure that they adhere to all the regulations.

Some of the new courses that are available include:

  • Leading safely
  • Managing safely
  • Managing safely refresher
  • Working safely

Tailored training courses are also available, which focus on specific industries, job roles and skills.

There are also a lot of existing courses to take. They include information about Temporary Works Co-ordinator, and Health and Safety Awareness.  This course will help you understand health and safety, and what the new regulations are.

IOSH Training Courses offer management training and staff training for a wide range of industries. Our courses to provide help and advice about safety at work. The Health, Safety and Environment test is particularly useful when it comes to the health and safety of workers.

For information about Health, Safety and Environment courses, phone 01189 541 700.