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Occupational Health

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Occupational Health

Occupational Health Stay Well at Work

Understanding Occupational Health to Stay Well at Work is part of our IOSH courses. It aimed at people working in construction. Workers can be exposed to hazards like dust and dangerous materials on any project. This is why health and safety standards are important.

Occupational Health to Stay Well at Work focuses on health and safety for construction projects. You will take part in various modules during the duration of this course. It will help you to raise awareness about the possible risks and dangers that workers face.

This course will help you to improve your knowledge in terms of occupational health issues in the workplace. You will also discover how your workforce can benefit from having the right attitude at work.

The modules will include Breathing, Noise quote, and Lifestyle.

Course Structure

Some of the modules of the course will include:

  • Investigating risks and hazards at work
  • Considering lifestyle decisions that will have an influence on your well-being
  • Learning about different substances that you may breathe in
  • Learning about diseases that may influence your skin
  • Learning about the impact of muscle and joint injuries

The IOSH Managing Safely and Working Safely courses are designed to help you recognise these potential dangers at work.

The course is ideal for anyone working with occupational health issues. You need to have a very good command of written and spoken English when you take part in the course.

When you’ve successfully completed the course you will receive your certification. For information about Occupational Health Stay Well at Work, phone us at 01189 541 700.