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Parking Safety in Reading

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Parking is a big deal to anyone; we know that you want to be able to park as close to your building as possible and many companies have reserved parking to ensure this can be done. However for some disabled people cars are the only way they can get from A to B and it is important to have a space or spaces on your premises that are only for your disabled clients.

If you don’t have these then they may well think twice about choosing your company to help them, this may well lose you a fair amount of money. Now of course the ability to provide this accessible bays may not be open to everyone, for example if you don’t have a car park, however there are some things you can do which will help your disabled clients to gain access to your property.

It is a good idea to find out where the nearest accessible bays are to your business and let your client or customer know, this can be done either with a simply phone call or email to your clients or, if you have a retail location for example and no parking, then give this information out on your website, this will allow your disabled customers to visit the shop a lost easier.

Disabled Parking Requirements

If you do provide onsite parking that at least one of these spaces should be designated for disabled people and it should be as close to the principal entrance as possible. Accessible bays should be level and wide enough to allow both car doors to open at the same time. It should also be long enough to allow for tail loading.

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