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When it comes to loos you have to think about everyone, who is going to use that loo, if you are the business owner/ put in charge of providing WCs for your customers, employees and visitors then it is important that you aim to have at least one loo that is an accessible unisex WC.

If you only have space for one toilet on your property then that should be an accessible unisex WC. There is a lot to consider when planning where this loo should go but one of the most important things is where is it going to go? Where is the accessible loo going to be placed to ensure that anyone who visits or works on your premises can have easy access to it?

Don’t forget that the DDA is all about what is ‘reasonable and practical’ and they understand that there will be circumstances that mean that putting a unisex accessible WC into your premises just isn’t possible however there are some things that you can do to your existing facilities to ensure they are accessible to everyone.

Some of the things you can do to ensure existing facilities are more accessible are as follows; contrast the fixtures and fittings with their background i.e. avoid using white tiles and then siting white basins and loos against them, avoid shiny ceramic tiles and floors, use lever taps for hand basins, if possible have outward opening doors to cubicles, use light action bolts on cubicles rather than twist locks, use light switches with large push pads as opposed to pull cords and use paper dispensers that can be used with one hand.

This list is by no means all that you can do but it is certainly a start and something to work off of to ensure you can accommodate everyone that works or visits your site.

IOSH Training Courses in Reading and Berkshire

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