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Signs can used to motivate staff or give them instructions; they can also be used to show visitors your company’s ethos or facts and figures that you are proud of. However to make them not only readable but look great there are some things that you can do.

When you are thinking of signage we know that you want to reflect the business in the best light, colour, font and even the surface of the sign can make a huge difference in whether your sign looks good or is even readable.

Signs need to be simple, easy to read and short, paragraphs on signs will most likely not be read so you must come up with few words that represent that paragraph. Signs also need to be consistent, the same colours and lettering should be used through all of your signs, this creates a brand association, the person reading your sign will then know that is it your business.

Contrasting the colour of the text and the colour of the background will allow people to read your sign easier, it is no good having a sign with orange letters and a background of a lighter orange. Also use a mix of upper case and lower case letters, it is best to treat a sign as a small page in a book, have upper case letters where they should be and do the same for lower case, people are used to reading information in a certain way so use that way.

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These others things to consider when designing signs for your business are; use a sans serif font like Arial, use appropriate font sizes for different types of signs, use matt surfaces for signs – avoid surfaces that cause reflective glare, place signs in logical positions at appropriate heights, use tactile signs appropriately and use symbols as well as words.