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Site Safety Courses

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Site Safety Courses

Site Safety Courses

Site Safety Courses are designed for anyone in construction. They are designed to educate contractors, designers and clients on site safety. The courses will also help to develop your skills. The construction industry has its own challenges and requirements.

If you work in construction, you should have the skills and knowledge needed. This is to ensure a safe and productive working environment. This is why our Site Safety courses are so popular.

Some of the tests available include the following:

  • Site Management Safety Training 
  • Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training 
  • Health and Safety Awareness 
  • Site Supervisor Safety Training  
  • Tunnelling Safety Training  

The Achieving Behavioural Change part of the course will help you to adopt behavioural change at work. It’s especially aimed at a construction setting. It will help you to understand the responsibilities of employees and employers. It will also help you to understand the risk of poor safety measures in a construction projects.

Our IOSH includes Health and Safety Awareness. It highlights possible dangers and liabilities in a project. It’s perfect for people working in the construction or engineering industry. You’ll learn how to prevent accidents, and how you fit into the management of the site. You’ll also learn how to perform your work in a safe environment.

IOSH Training Courses offer a complete range of courses to provide help and advice about safety at work. We offer management training and staff training for a wide range of industries. The construction industry is particularly strict when it comes to the health and safety of workers.

For information about Site Safety courses, phone 01189 541 700.