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The Health Safety and Environment Test

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  • 20-06-2016
The Health Safety and Environment Test

The Health, Safety and Environment Test

The Health, Safety and Environment testing gives workers knowledge to ensure health and safety. Contractors and workers need to be prepared before going onsite. This test will give you the knowledge you need.

When it comes to health and safety, project requirements are essential. They have to be in line with the Construction Design and Management (CEM) Regulations of 2015. These new regulations have specific requirements, specifically for construction projects. If you are a team leader it’s important for your team to be educated. They need to be informed about the required safety standards.

At IOSH Training Courses we offer a selection of training materials to help you prepare for the test. You can order revision material from us and download guides to help you with the requirements. Contractors, clients and designers should know health and safety standards for construction projects.

The test will consist of the following:

  • Knowledge questions
  • Behavioural study questions

You will be given a tutorial before the test starts, and the test is computer based. When you arrive for the test, you need to bring your ID and confirmation letter with you. Please arrive 15 minutes before the test starts so that your details can be confirmed.

IOSH Training Courses offer a complete range of courses to provide help and advice about safety at work. The Health, Safety and Environment test is particularly useful when it comes to the health and safety of workers.

We offer management training and staff training for a wide range of industries.

For information about The Health, Safety and Environment Test, phone 01189 541 700.